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Terry sent me bottles

It was a hard day's night. The street outside was infected with exhaustion. But in the underground, a delightful world was thriving, two alleys away.

A secret doorway opened up into this hidden world. A young man found his way to it and made three swift knocks, as was custom. The peephole in the door slid open to reveal a piercing set of deep brown eyes.“Password?”, said the man

"TERRY SENT ME!" he replied, as the door opened.
There it was.
Glass of Gin

Inspired by the speakeasy bars of the 1930s, Terry Sent Me! is an ode to the colourful world that was bursting behind quiet doors, where the choice of drink was always the same.


  • "Terry sent me is the perfect gin for any gin lover and the ones exploring their love for gin. It's smooth and works great with cocktails. Enjoy your time when you sip this beauty with friends, family or alone. Shhhh!! Don't keep this a secret, share your love."
    Rishika Sharma
  • "While there are so many new Gins coming into the Indian market, I think there is still a gap in the budget friendly introductory segment. Gins are actually good at this price point. Not only Terry Sent Me adds value in this segment, but they do it with a lot of style and personality which is sure to resonate with a wide variety of audience. The taste is clean and smooth which can go well with any palette. While my homebar is already overcrowded with big names, Terry Sent me is finding a place for itself very comfortably."
    Manish Bhatia
  • "I recently discovered the new gin brand from Goa, India and I am blown away by its unique and delicious flavor. This gin is made with the finest ingredients and distilled to perfection, making it a true work of art. The smooth and crisp taste, combined with the perfect balance of spices and botanicals, has quickly made this gin my new go-to drink. I would highly recommend this gin to anyone looking for a premium spirit that is truly unlike anything else on the market."
    Malem Thokchom
  • "If you are looking for a gin that will shine in a layered dry martini or a straightforward G&T, without burning a hole in your pocket, then Terry Sent Me is the gin for you. Juniper is centre forward, while citrus and aromatics lend beautiful balance.
    Apart from being delicious and versatile, this gin builds an aura of mystery with its speakeasy vibe that truly makes it stand out. It's equal parts quirky, fun and indulgent. You have to try it for yourself to really know Terry!"
    Pallavi Naidu
  • "Arguably one of the best gins I've tasted in a very long time. Terry Sent Me is a must-have, must-try excellent sipping gin, perfect for those G&T nights."
    Yusuf Ghani
  • "Bold but beautiful. I like experimenting with my alcohol and Terry Sent Me is a strong 10 that sits easy on ice and tastes really good with mixers."
    Sarvika A
  • "Awestruck with how smooth Terry Sent Me is. A must-have if you're in Goa."
    Moullika Jain
  • "Just the drink for me! Terry Sent Me has an elegant taste in botanicals that's delightfully surprising. Definitely coming back to this one on my next trip to Goa."
    Abhrojit Das
  • "The most satisfying gin! I pop open a Terry Sent Me at the end of my workday and that's it, my night is made."
    Dhruv Bharadwaj
  • "Great initial flavours with a people-pleaser vibe, Terry Sent Me is perfect for your next cocktail party."
    Kritika Wason
  • "I Tried Terry Sent Me & I didn't expect it's that smooth and subtle on the palate! Loved it."
    Yash Shinde
  • "My friends and I are all fans of the taste and the amazing story."
    Varij Vinayak
  • "Super the name is so interesting and intriguing……have tasted the gin in Goa… super"
    Amit Dhirwani

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